Rate my buddies

Using the Buddy Kit I made some of my own buddies.

Rate out of ten

Zamorak Warrior:

I am going to put this one as my new avatar

Full Mime:

Nice… I give both 9/10… Good job on editing so that they match fairly with the real RS counterpart…

this may seem like a stupid question yeh but what has the zammy warroir got in his hand?

soz to be piky but if you go on beistery on the runescape site zammy warriors have pl8 legs

but anyway 8/10 zammy
9.5/10 mime :stuck_out_tongue: i like him

lol the zammy warrior has a huge lally pop lol 10/10

EDIT: Hello from the future! The date is November 3rd 2007, and I would like to apologize to all of you that might read this ill fated post.