Rate my fancy avatar!

Rate my fancy avatar 1-10, made by michaelks

Thanks michaelks! :slight_smile:

nice. 9.947835875638573/10

vedry nice how do yu make them ?

10/10! lol, I made it.

elmew, go here to see how to make buddies: http://www.runescaperealm.com/modules.php?name=Forums&file=viewtopic&t=20852

well… it IS fancy 8/10

kinda blurry, but 6/10, i hate buddys

ok thank yu very much mate
:lol: 8) :slight_smile: :o

yea, super fancy

michaelks how do yu get to be yur picture on runescape real?

Its just a simple cut, paste, and recolor job. Also, try resizing it as well, the image is distorted. 4/10

i dotn know how to do that can yu do it for me

nice avvy… 9/10, i like the buddy and the color… :wink:

yo nice avatar its really fancy 9.75/10