Rate My First Avvy

k here is my very first avvy i ever did plz rate it (e.x. 10/10)

Pretty good for your first time. If you want some advice, I recommend either Captain Zap, Crunkmonkey, and Wacko375. They are probably the best sig makers, and I’m sure they cna helpw ih avvy’s too. And how can I foget Azgolar, the best of the best.

thnx 4 advice…what would u rate it out of 10?

Since it’s your first I’ll give you a 9.

heh cool thnx :slight_smile:
i used thehighlypkableone’s guide 2 makeing avvys 4 this 1

Cool avvy i give it an 8.5/10.

i mite b starting 2 make some so if u want 1 made 4 free tell me and ill try 2 get it 4 ya. my buddy kit has all cept barrows

looks just like you lol

heh yeah…if only i had full dragon and a whip :stuck_out_tongue:

its very nice, speccialy for a first. but i dont relly like buddys that much.

i make em when im bored and i try 2 get them so they look really cool and sometimes use em on rsr forums (1 i have now wasent made by me)

Pretty good… 5/10 because it’s just a buddy

if it wasent just a buddy…what would u rate it?

looks pretty cool…u mite want sumthing else though…buddys are kinda overused now…

Kinda?! They’re really over used. They’re good for beginning graphic artists and such though.

very nice considering its ur first

wow gd for first time 7/10 i like the stats

7/10.only because its ur first…