Rate my first sig made with photoshop!

Rate my new sig 1-10 (not the easter one)

Here it is:

I just used photoshop for the first time today, and that’s what I made.
I’ve been making my other pics with ImageSuite 9.0

Pretty good, 7/10

sweet one 8/10

cool! i made mine with adobe photoshop elements

very original, i like it 9/10

pretty cool!!

i’d give it 7/10, and can you make sigs with regular paint???
i dont think i have paintshop

Yeah you can use regular paint, but don`t plan on a great outcome. Paint is only good for pixels sigs, which take… FOREVER…

Anyways, about the sig. Not bad for your first sig. Could use some work. Background is pretty basic… Work on your renderings a bit. Work on the layer effects for the text. Good idea :idea: though with your stats.


cool 10/10 8O :smiley:

my sigs never work

nice use of colours, 7.9/10 :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s exactly what I used! Except mine was for mac.