Rate my HUGE banner?

Rate, no hate. :stuck_out_tongue:

Whoo! It’s Splinter Cell…and I think you should’ve made the white transparent.

Thanks, I still don’t know how that got there! It didn’t appear on the sig screen.

its just a picture with black and white boxes put around it. 4/10

~:crazy: spartan

spartan has a point there but i still think it looks good! 7/10

spartan does have a pint 5/10+
wud be 1/10 if it was’nt splinter cell

very niice…my friend has the whole pic as his myspace back dropp

it looks like all u did was make a frame strip box around it and put text…u could have done more, 3/10

I like that it is like a film strip…If you get an invisionfree site,you should get a layout that matches it. 8/10

I slightly blurred, and smudged, and blurred, and smudged. It actually took awhile.