Rate my look

As you know, I recently got d legs and skirt a few days ago. The iron dragons also dropped a clue which led me to a Zammy Plate, and I’ve gone from n00bie, to rich n00bie

~ ewok

:o Pretty… Lol very nice…


Nice, 9/10!
I would give you a 10/10 if you had the Dragon Chain! =p
When was that update?

That’s why I blocked it out, protect privacy. Let’s just say it was vaugely around 10am GMT.

~ ewok

i love it man!..
shifts eyes -~hoping for free stuff for a good rating…~- scratching butt

Wow that’s awesome. You should really go for a dragon chain. 9/10

Thats the look I was going for, after I make enough money for d legs. Im selling my rune (g) body + rune (g) legs and try to get zammy pl8.

Wow, Great Armour! 9/10!

very nice i am oly full rune!

Pfft, way too poor :stuck_out_tongue:

~ ewok

nice armor…9/10…looks good on you…but then again all that dragon stuff would look good on anyone…congrats on gettin those armor…

8/10 now get drag sq :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks great, 9.5/10

…And you call yourself a n00b? 9/10

~:darkside:~ Michaelks

Very nice! :slight_smile: 8/10

That’s more realistic, but I’m a hallyman :).

Michael, I’m eh n00b at heart and I always will be.

~ ewok

Hallys… Aw yea lol gotta love them… Anyways nice outfit!! It’s really cool lol, I rate it 9/10!

i like the zammy pl8 with dragon legs and helm 9/10

Looks brill :wink:

yeah thats pretty noobish, nothing compared to my plain full rune… jk congrats on looking cool 9/10