Rate my month old profile.

This is only a month old. one month. So it isn’t that great.

Maybe being a member was a waste of money, but I like the stuff. But maybe it isn’t for people with my level. oh, and that is addy 2h in case you can’t see. And a green cape. matchy! YAY! Oh, and to inform you, I had another account, but a hacker got my password and got it banned.It was in teh 60-ish area.

no too bad for just a month old…

I play quite a lot.

its not bad

the worst part is how I put it together. and the quality. that is dumb too.

ok not gr8.,…

it’s ok for a one month old account…6.5/10

i guess it is okay 5/10

nice acount

Well for one month I got to say it’s great, but if you like played for half a year, I’d say… Well I wouldn’t say anything, for I’d have no comment. Lol 7/10


For a month, that is good. 9/10 considering you’ve only been playing on that account for a month.

I suggest joining members after lvl 60+ combat.

good for a month (celebrating his first full year on runescape)

That’s really nice for just a month, I joined members back in January when I (Ecco55555) was only a level 40 LOL.

yea its not bad for a month but not great. 4/10. and i joined members at lvl 15 and (at one point) had over 20mil…im combat 83 :slight_smile:

sigh ive spent over £100 on runescape membership im sure,
but yeah not bad account… when i saw the pic of the stats the word that came to mind was “cute” :slight_smile:
yep not bad account at all… ‘train str’!

lol “Cute”
i like how the total is 413, ur combat is 44, and ur QP are 43…theyre like all similar.

you must play it all the time!

thats pretty good for a month

if you play alot y u got such weird stuff