rate my new full drag!!

plz rate 1/10 and say what could use improvement and plz be honost i dont mind i just need the facts :smiley:

i dont really like the white lines on the boots and on the helm, and a two piece cape?!?! But 8/10

that “ttwo peice cape” are wings lol

I THINK IT SUCKS. lol just kiddin the helmet needs fixing. same with the shield. but other than that good job 7/10

i think that looks cool…but i dont like the boots

I think this is a very very EXCELLENT Fake picture of dragon armour.


10/10 Its awesome!!

Wow… 10/10 for this… You did an excellent job altering the shield and the plate… The other alterations aren’t bad and I like the idea for wings as the cape in the full set… Good job…


dude thx guys i worked hard

comon people plz rate i worked hard ill really appreciate it!

its very good.helm need work. i like the sheild.99.5/10.-.5 for bad helm.

I agree with Lady love its cool. 8) .I give it a 10/10

i hate it dragon armor is dumb idea 8O


I rate 8/10 cause the boots, gloves,a nd helm are soooo lame!..but the kite and pl8 are nice.

Where the hell did you get that many dragon arrows?!

i’d say shield is the best one nice job but helmet and body a bit wobly

8/10 good idea but i have a way better one but i can’t figure out how to get ti on the web :mrgreen: :arrow: :mrgreen: :arrow:

if its such a dumb idea then y is it that jagex is making it?

BTW i give it a 4-10 srry but its not really…original like the other drag items we have now cause u just took the old stuff and changed colors and stuff but i think when they come out wit drag armour its gonna blow or minds cause like i said look how much better the drag stuff we got now looks