Rate my new outfit

rate it 1/10 also tell me if there should be any improvements

Wow…10/10. becus thats like perfect, full drag and white P-hat. my dream. amazing.

Heres an improvement… How bout you give me the phat and I will give you a rare blue wizard hat! It will go perfect with that full drag! Nah jk…
10/10 Great outfit Blink!!

wow 11/10 tht outfit is sweeeet!!!

im not sure, would a Drag med look better than the p hat? i mean the p hat looks more expensive and i guess it goes along better with ur cape and boots and gloves. but i would get a Drag med for training also :slight_smile:

sweet 10/10

Blink u musta been dominant in Caste Wars with all that!

Rofl old thats new to you but its actually really common!

she said rate MY new outfit.
and who cares if its common, its very expensive and dominant.

You had to post it in the same time span as “Rate my Outfit”, didn’t you? Ah geez, here comes the tears…

:smiley: Nice outfit, I love the defence bonus. One question, did you buy the chain, or just got it in moment of luck? Either way, it must’ve been got through hard work :p.

~ ewok

if its common do you have it?

Whoa, that’s everyone’s dream outfit!

Remember the topic that said What would you do with 100 mil? Well almost everyone said they would get full dragon with a white phat! And you have it!

A definite 10/10.

~:darkside:~ Michaelks

why not a ring of wealth though?

Ooooo0oooooo0oooohhhh! answer that.

10/10 NICE! , look at this – stuff of dreams…

10/10 it was sweet i wish i had one of those

lol mouthgate do u actually go around following rich looking people? lol. o and i think blink looks better than that person in the pic. crafting gaunts and rune boots dont go with full drag at all!

0wn3D pl000xx

btw…u should…ummm…get…a…umm…ahhh…ok i give up

100%(muhahhahahah mrparris)

yep cool outfit… i kinda want that, but i cant wear drag and im proud of it
86 combat btw

Seriously! I’m living in her shadow!

It’s like “rate my wannabe full drag” whilst in the next topic, Blink’s boasting a full drag with phat and whip!

And you still haven’t answered my question, Blink :stuck_out_tongue:

~ ewok