||/:\rate My New Sig/:\||

Heres my new sig may be making some changes so i will count this as version 1 hope u like and dont foget to RATE & CC.

ill probly be 1 of the only ppl that rate this soo…
like the border
renders good
the like lightning effect around the gun is kool
colour choice is kool
fonts kool


i like it :smiley: but i like the yoshi one better…

Hey I think thats amazing hopefully someday Ill make it to your level.

Thx for the opinions:D and yes yawgmoth i do agree that not many ppl rate so much as they do just coment either way atleast some ppl post.

Teach me how to do a tech border.

omg your sig is giving me seasure vision

That is one good signature.

Render blends completely! +2
Border is amazing. How you do that? +3
Background is amazing. Brushes link plz +3
Text is okay +1

Stop asking me these hard questions with the bad!

9/10 nothing is perfect but this is close.

i think its quite nice

gundum rock on:D

put on the beam sword and it will be 10/10

you should also do one with the gundum stabbing the other bot in the head with the beam sword

but all in all really nice

Nice sig 9/10 (nothings perfect) :stuck_out_tongue:

Here is version 2 rate and CC

I love the border, render and text. Nothing wrong, but maybe try a newer style.