Rate my non-member bank 1-10


please rate my bank its a non-member bank and im only 65 combat and rite now im in desparate need of lobbies and swrdies 200 each pm me in the game -lilskater404 :wink:

are the monkey bones supposed to be impressive…? because if you think there worth loads, there not, just kill a monkey on karajama for them. i heard that monkey bones is a scam.

thats a really nice bank for a non member. and eddboy he wasnt saying that monkeybones are worth craploads he was just posting his bank

8/10 for the bank, could be better. nice rune :smiley:

Nice, are any of those arrows for sale? I might also be interested in buying some of those runes.

You should try getting some god armor or rune (t) or rune (g).

mmm i give it 6/10
btw toy horses r useless and worthless, they r just usin up ur bank space :lol: [/quote]

Nice bank,way better then mine.

nice money, a 7/10

6/10, could do with better armour
and also more items other than runes
sickmate 8)

i like…
-the rune
-the cash
-the neatness of the whole bank.

ill cut those diamonds for free :smiley: . my name in rs2 is the same as my name on here. and i give it 8/10

nice stuff 9.10

yeah the arrows and the runes are for sale and i had rune(t) but i sold it i had no helm so for 1.5mil thats why i have close to 1.2mil

Nice and neat bank… I like it! 8/10… :slight_smile:

lol…i still hav noob stuff in my bank…but for a purpose…even noob stuff is used by non-noobs =) or mab oobs? ppl who rnt noobs? call them oobs! lol joking…nice bank…i see u keep it well organised too…i cant do that…and i wanted to collect every type of trimmed armour too…even god armour…but with the amount of space…no way hosay lol

non-member bank and monkey bones?
and the numbers are so even of the runes.
You almost could it’s a fake bank :?

its not a fake bank i went to the rune store to make all the runes even so itll look good but nothing on it is fake and i kept the monkey bones cause i had bought some off someone like 300 of them and i was burrying them but i had some left

as some one else said, sell some runes and arrows and try and get some rune trimmed armor or gold.
7/10 for the bank
good job

holy cr*p 1mil?
nice 8/10
u need more things


Its alreight for a f2p bank…but i gotta ask…whast with the bones and toy horses? they are usless…