rate my pk

i have just pked a lvl 11 i said to him help him so we went to lvl 40 i killed him and i got 5k desart robes desart boots brass key and much more its not that good but rate it.

Are you a member?

yer why?

I waited until I was lvl 60 until I became member and had done all of the f2p quests. members shouldn’t have to pk level elevens.
sorry just an opinion.

Amazing u killed a lvl 11 lmao

Wat lvl r u?

U look pretty happy to kill a lvl 11 member lol

ur a cheater and should be banned, ur just taking advantage of an innocent noob instead of fighting some1 ur level

Well, that’s not really anything much, and it is pretty heartless to kill a level 11 noob. Unless he was dissing you or something.

that is not much lol

wow thats so cool :roll:

in a way i was helping him he was thinking that ppl will help him i tryed to tell him that you will just get pked but he did not lisen so i had to pk him i gave him some of his stuff back.

Well, thats kind of hipicritical, but at least you gave him some of his stuff back.

lol, so what level are you then??

im lvl 50 but i saved him before i pked him he was about to get pked by A lvl 30 but i came in and killed them for him. 8)

so…you saved him then killed him? :roll:

well how do u save some by killing them
that was probably greedy cause u got the stuff instead of the 30
and if your in the wilderness be prpared to take all challenges
if your not u shouldnt go

that was a really cheap kill