rate my pure

these are his stats

rate on out of ten.

here is what he wears:

robin hat
ranger boots
red d hide chaps
red d hide vambs
khazard top (for melee training)
camo top (range training)
glory ammy
ring of wealth
god cape (sara)
zammy book


pure=a char on rs dedicated to one stat, training 1 stat. this is not a pure. 6/10

hes a hybrid -.-. a hybrid is 2 or more things put together to make something new. so ha. i owned u.

very nice, my goals for my hybrid are around there.

heres his ownage pic

hybrid does noy equal pure. so your title owned you. accedentaly even. lol

awwww man my title owned me with its 99 str =’[

rofl. Dont worry, there will be other days. jk lol

ok hybrid, i like the mage lvl though

43 Pray o.O, nice pure although the 43 pray has me a tidbit distrot. I like the outfit btw.

No, hybrids are people who train 2 stats to be higher than one.


99 Range, 99 mage 60 Attack 85 Strength.

He’s a P2P pure.

On-topic, why 43 prayer?

that account is fuxed!

what the my pures 64 range 55 hp and 45 cb and your 48 cb nearly same range with 43 prayer o.O dam thats … cool

The 43 prayer bit kinda lets you down as being a prayer noob, but hey… Good other stats, like mage and range.

i got 43 prayer cuz most good pures get 43 eventually. Do you think i got 43 prayer to early?

The reason most pures get 43 prayer is because of pile jumpers, so they trade a few cbs for getting to the bank ^^

well thats good then that i got 43 prayer =)

nice hybrid, I suggest lvling that mage to 85 :stuck_out_tongue:

Not bad, work on your defence.

michael, you don’t know the purpose of a pure…they have 1 def, duh