rate my range pure pker!

stats are in the sig! rate him 1-10 please
EDIT: [Right now im hitting 7’s with addy but i pulled off a 6 with iron so im guessing his max hits would be 8]

4/10 its ok get it higher! range is good but magics better

Nice PKer! I’m liking the 40 ranged and 27 combat. You could get 20 defense to be able to wear a studded body and take less damage and still have the same combat or 28 (if the HP goes up). I rate him a 9/10.

5/10 it’s alright i guess…

nice 13 level pure. try prayer and defence( u only need 10 defence). Ihave a lvl 30 guy who has 43 mage and 5 defence. He never dies and hits 13’s on u “rangers”

thanks for the advie guys but wont prayer, defence, and magic make him…well not pure anymore?

No defence would make him harder to hit… and level 20 would get u studded body
and studded legs and thats about how high most range puries go.

Yeah, 10 defense might be good too because of hardleather bodies. Either way, high range and fairly high defense is good.

wow 40 ranged…nice, cept i dislike that firemaking lvl…grrr

prettey good id say mabey a 6/10

That’s great! Yeah, Maybe you should raise the defence more, then you’ll be able to wear better stuff… But on top of that, I’ll give it 8.5/10

i cant see your sig

prety good pker 6/10

i give it a 6.5/10 you need to raise your defence a tad bit higher

u need boss ranging 2 kill al low lvl mage my lvl 31 mage had 44 magic 5 defeence and i normally hit 13’s on rangers a lot