Rate My Stats 1/10

PLease rate with a fair mind lol

These are fixed Stats

Yo Amish you’ve been posting a lot of stuff about your character recently… I like it! Lol nice QP, and you combat’s pretty good… 8/10!


nice QP like Malibu said, i like ur fishing and cooking but ur combat skills arent that great. 6/10-7/10.

OMG! That is the wrong pic! Those were my stats a week ago! lemme fix it!

werent u fishing and cooking 55 on the last pic? howd they get to 53?

sorry thoses wern’t even my stats before. Those were my friends but i didn’t realize it.

Lol okay… Now I’m waiting for the right pic… Hehe


ahh right…:stuck_out_tongue:

lol he lied!!! i mean he lied!!! why would u do that tho if it wasnt yours… lier!!!

:o WHy is your rnage so low! Evil person :stuck_out_tongue: Nice stats and total level, and your QP! 8/10, very nice and evened out :slight_smile:

why thank you redwraith. And i would have the screen of somones else inventory cause my friend uses my compy somtimes too.

prety good 8/10

7/10, mining and smithing need some work…

8/10 dude. but i think u might wana recharge your hp and prayer a bit lol

not bad 7/10