rate my stats please

rate me1-10 or personall ratings


umm i would have to say 9/10 they are really good

8.5/10 get 60 mining to get into mining guilde =0

ryu is a noob dont listen to him… get mining levels later but keep doing wc, crafting, flecthing to get money, and mage levels =) i know how much flecthing levels do and ryu is in a fricken mental hospital so don’t listen to him. and p.s. you could most liekyl own ryu

lolz 9/10 i am gonna do better than that when i am lvl 83

8.75/10 Nice, need to get theiveing + herblore up a bit :smiley:

why are you flaming ryu? he didn’t say anything wrong/mean/rude…if you ask me YOUR the noob…maybe he shouldn’t liten to you…how would you feel if some one just started to flame you for ABSULUTY NO RESONE AT ALL…

and 7/10 on you stats…get some thing up other than no combat stats…like your crafting/herblore/agility/thieving/mining/smithing…but I have to say this…your wc is awsome…

OMG csp713, you said you would buy an avatar I made for 40k, then I took 15 mins. to make it and you say no this and no that because your so picky. Stop giving me bad feedback you wouldn’t pay for the avatar I made you.

Edit: csp you loser, Xoron is one of my friends online I made him his siggy and we talking on AIM.

cub shut the **** up!!! your a noob and know nothing of what happened… and ryu it was horrible i asked for a new one not something with your name on it( noone does that ) and i didnt use it so… and it sucked so screw off


6.372594187237012864 / 10 .

thanks every one and for yall who do this keep off ruy hes not a dam sig stealer!!thanks again yall are a great help

OMFG csp, I put my name across you avatar because that’s my policy. I give you sig/avvy with my name across the fton to see if you like it, then you pay me and I send you another without my name across it. It’s called protecting your business jerk.