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if ur wondering about the little n4s’s im not going to explain ive said it too many times.

nice stats :wink: you dont have to explain about the “N4S” on your stats, ill explain it for you:

it’s becuse people on ebay (dis-honest people) take pictures on your stats that you post and put them on ebay selling the account, which they dont really have…so if you put N4S all over it, no’one will use it :slight_smile: (does that answer it blink ;))

i already knew i didnt want to explain to people who wanted to know

thx for righting the explanation though :smiley:

i know you did, i explained for you becuse you said you coulden’t be bothered (only trying to help :cry: )

nice man 8O

i said ty :smiley:

Wow, insane magic level. You have a great total level as well.

I’ve seen better :lol:

and so what some stats are better then mine :roll: