rate my stats

rate em out of 10

7/10. Get your attack and def up to 60 incase you ever become a member.

7/10 preatty good but, u really should get your range and mage up :stuck_out_tongue:

5/10, You need to work on magic, range, and runecrafting…

6/10 good but not great

im working on it i raised myattack 3 lvls yesterday and a few weeks ago mage was lvl 1 and range was lvl 5

ok if u want ur mage up do what i did :):
Sell full rune (G) for 1.8mil and buy nothing but laws with the cash. use camelot teleport and raise massive lvls…just my way of raising mage :king:

7/10, nice Mining and Smithing and WC, but consider getting the best skill up, RANGE!