rate my stats

rate plz…

try imageshack

there i fixed it

pretty good, id say 8/10

Try raising up some other skills, so far, I’d give: 8/10.

Nice stats, I like the thieving level (better than mine). I agree with Winter on the rating. Start skilling (especially rc’ing) a bit though.

good stats but get on that rcing

hmm not bad prayer and total a bit low…7/10
get…60smithing,70mining,70fishing,70cooking,60fming,70wc,30farming,50slayer,70fletching,60crafting,50herblore,50agility,44rc,70range and 50prayer then u will have a nice total and nice way of making money :smiley:

Impressive, 9/10.

not bad skills,good skills also looks kinda messed up y is dat?

compared to mine 10/10. but for ervery one else here i give it a…9/10. great jorb!


were same combat and im over 100 totals higher…nice thieving lvl btw :slight_smile:

Nice, maaaybeee…7.5/10 runecraftings to low

Nice stats, 8/10. Keep up the good work.

Real nice combat try leveling farming and runecrafting. 8/10

You’re stats are great. It’d be nice to see some higher non-combat skills, like smithing and mining coughminingrockscough


nice 8/10! keep it up

I’d rate it 8/10.
Get your strength to 99 to kick ass while you go PKing!!!