Rate the band: Arctic Monkeys

They’re relatively new, I only heard of them last year. They were known for their MySpace page for getting known. They’re from Sheffield, England and are pretty young. I hear they’re getting better known in America now. I got the album “Whatever people say I am that’s what I’m not” and a few random tracks.

Favourite songs:
The view from the afternoon
When the sun goes down (Scummy)
Red light indicates doors are secured

Edit: Ffs, I checked the “add a poll” box and it didn’t come up =/

Still take you home FTW!

My friend was introducing it to some other people the other day. I almost laughed because of the name of the band. Arctic Moneys. How corny. :wink:

Perhaps I should start to listen to them, maybe I will like them. :smiley:

I like them :D. I’ve got some songs of them, haven’t really listened to many of them.

I like them :smiley: :smiley:

8.5/20…really nice band…not too shabby on the intro to osme songs

I listened to them…I like them.

Godlike band

The drums to VFTA are awesome.

had the album 4 ages! love em!! favs got a b mardy bum, used 2 b dancing shoes but ive been traumatized by that song (long story)…

They’re cool! Fave songs; When the sun goes down and I bet that you look good on the dancefloor. I’ve seen them play live…IN A PUB!