● - Rate the book above you - ●

Okay heres the rules, Just rate the book that the person above you posts.

NOTE: [u]If you havn’t read, look it up on the internet, read the summary then post your rating on the summary, also, tell wheather you read the summary or the book.[/u]

The Book…

Colors of Chaos

Never heard of it.

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close.

These threads are starting to get old…>.<

Never heard of it…

Rate this book:


Never Heard of it:P

Try familiar books hmzk?

Eragon, Not the movie edition one, the REAL book

Never heard of it, =o

1984 is a classic…<.<

How about…

Alice and Wonderland? (The book, not the clean up-ripped apart Disney movie)

Good book, i read it for school a while ago

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

0(Zero)/10, I hate Hairy Potter, movie, books, and all…=o

When Will Jesus Bring The Pork Chops?

(you problems didn’t read that, =o)

What the… I’ve never heard of it? Should I have?

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.
Eh… I watched the movie with my sister today. ^^"

Good book. Willy Wonka is funnier here. ^.^

Treasure of Khan, by Clive Cussler.

I’ve read that book! It was okay though with genies and stuff. :stuck_out_tongue:

God, these threads are getting whored. First music, then movies, now books/.

Never heard of that book, but it sounds interesting because it has Whore in it

Lord Of The Rings

Whore as in people are excessively using/copying an new idea to a place (might be old) and copying it so then it gets really old. ^^

i was kidding

Lord of the rings

7/10, good but not understandble unless you are not tired.

Eldest, sequel to Eragon.

Oh god I HATED that book sooo much… Never finished it >>.

Eum… The Book Thief?

Never heard of it =\

Band of Brothers.

not sure, sounds like gay prostitution to me ;D

Go Dog Go anyone?

That is like my favorite book ever :O!!
I love when the dog is skiing… xD

The Dictionary

<3 the dictionary coz I cannot spell. Its a must read! 10/10 :slight_smile:

Da Vinci Code anyone?
(BTW why reply to this thread if you haven’t heard of the book above you? seems pointless to me…)

Good book, but purely fictional. =)

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (truly the greatest book in the Universe ^.^)