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Some people have already seen these, but just tell me what you think.


I was just attacking a giant one day, when all of a sudden…he attacked me with his firey eyes!

I didn’t know Runescape had…mermaids?!

I just bought my new fire axe today!

Stupid Hairdresser - you cut off my head!!

lol i like the eye one and the last one lol

not bad

number one and three are great the mermiad one is just scary and number 4 is good but kinda hard to see

Thanks lol. The mermaid’s a bit freaky, isn’t she?

I would increase the size of them…but I forgot lol.:slight_smile:

the mermaid one and the fireaxe one are a bit shabby…

For the Fire Axe one, I didn’t have a match, so I couldn’t make fire…lol!

But the mermaid one was real! I was just fishing, when…you’re not going to believe me, are you? Lol. :smiley:

I can swear that fire eye giant one was used by someone else in the forums…

Try filling in all the yellow in the mermaid pic. :wink:

i thought mermaids were meant to be beautiful…? :stuck_out_tongue:
i like number 1 and 4 :slight_smile:

wow those were so lame

oy leave him alone atleast he tryed his best 2 do them, i say the 1st is best

they r kwl

ive seen all of these funny lol

good job 7/10

pretty nice 6/10 on each 1.


The memaide is kinda corny but over all I like them all except the mermaide.

Definetly Pretty good :smiley: :smiley: