RC help?

What would be the fastest way to get 44 rc from 37? what runes?

ru member or not

if ur a member cosmic runes
f2p airs

I was members and used Dueling rings to craft fires.

Members-Buy ring of duelings, bank at cwars and telle to duel arena and make fire runes

non members-Air runes

I did both, experimented with every kind of rune.

Non members, airs. Members, do cosmics with abyss until you can do Chaos, then do chaos runners and abyss.

i did many loads of airs

Chaos takes to long o.O and im not doin it for money just lvls i think ill do air. i havnt done lost city yet o.O

Doing fires, Jeff’s and My way will be the fastest.

well i did fires from duel arena

i am gonna start doin fires

no if ur a member use the abbyss and make chaos…thats what i did

EXACT same situation for me lol :slight_smile:

What I have done so far: 1. Zamorakian mage miniquest, gives 1000 rc exp and small pouch. 2. craft air runes.

Im at 37 atm and also trying to reach 44. Started from 35

make tiaras, thats fastest, but if you dont have talismans, then do quests and tears of guthix, and if you did that, then make fires with dueling rings