Re-release: King Roald fake

I’ve managed to convert file type without a HUGE quality loss like before…

I hope you still like it.

Lol, funny. 11/10!

funny =) 10/10

were YOU the one with the “do u posess a gun?” siggie?!?

Oh yeah… that wasn’t a very good siggy.

Edit: it was like that because I didn’t have the letter “v” in that font so I didn’t use the word “have”.

He has less than 33 hp??? What a noob phh…

so it was u…lol i used to think that was so funny when i had like 17 post count

That was months ago when my noob was… more of a noob.


Ok didnt know…

rofl it is still funny i rember the first day it was released =P

you should take the place where it shows you talking to him, and put it in ur sig :slight_smile:

Haha, nice fake. Very funny :smiley:


100/10!!!funny!!if i were king roald i would say this is a gun and then point the gun at his head and u say whats this button do?and u pulled the trigger and u killed king ronld its says king roald earned a free ticket to lumbridge and u took his phat

I remember I saw that before. Didnt know it was you. It almost seems possible in game :wink: Nice fake :slight_smile:


Lol nice 9/10.
sickmate 8)

i would have made it an ak 47 and hit 3 11s

Hey skate, what’s the font of the in-game text? I really want to know. =)

Edit: I just copied and pasted the text.

no its suppse to be you have defeated king roald or king roald earned a free ticket to lumbridge lol!!!cuz u would of whooped him