read this PLZ

Sumone plz i need free rune runes and arrows add shadowmas132 to give

no one will get u them for free


Check out number 4

Yah, it says no begging, although me and andy are breaking rule 18…

wow u know all the rules by heart lol but ill give u some arrows i guess cause i have 3k bronze arrows… ill be happy to give u some… just add me

Bryan… You should never give a begger anything. This will only lead them onto thinking they can always get stuff this way.

no begging…work for your money noobie

ok first, no begging, second, no one in there right mind that just meet u would give u full rune and the other stuff…u want something work for it

Yea a person would, read this post.

Why do you always have to have a clever dick?!

What?! Watch your language, that was very disrespectful. And I have never even heard, nor talked to. So you wouldn’t know if I have a clever :censored:.

a clever dick? hes just showing me someone posted something like that before.
but monkey, thats bronze arrows, not full rune

omg, its a saying.
You idiot

i feel a flameing thing coming on…

666th post