LOL got curious? Good, because Commando1222 and I are racing to 100 combat.

Yes, yes i know…ANOTHER race, but I thought it might be interesting, besides most of my freinds quit after school came back, ad i don’t have many freinds from RSR so i convinced commando to get off his stinking pures and come on his main…

We will put our stats (HP, highest non-CB level, and our CB) and I will also tell you of our weapons, armour, food etc. etc. Here’s our information (will be updated daily):

~Extra Note: We are both extremely poor (LOL), and especially Commando because he wasted his Geepee on his pures (he has like 5 ROFL). Now on with the the rest:

84 combat.
~Commando’s HP~
~Commando’s Highest Non-CB level~
Full rune.
Dragon longsword.

88 combat.
72 HP.
77 Fishing.
Abyssal whip.
Full rune.

For now we are both training together on Fire giants. I will not post a drop log but commando may (I am not sure).
If we get any dragon drops I will post :smiley:

Now im off to train.

Vivi: Currently Online
Commando: Currently (I have no idea ask him)

P.S.: The reason I my RSN is Drawsxam is… One: Because I could not get the Username Vivi.
And Two: Because it’s my name backwards…Drawsxam=Max sward :wink:


Huge After-party so prepare yourselves. I will be fishing non-stop after this and will have extra sharks/GP for a BIG drop party.


~Vivi’s Screenies~
Updated stats:

Here are my old stats:

Here is my St00f that I wear while training:

More to come.

~Commando’s Screenies~
Commando’s Stats:

More to come.

~Reserved for future information~

Lol woot race time!..and btw i only have 4 pures not 5 omg!

Oh, my bad.

Hey, what’s your HP, best non-CB skill, etc.?

Oh yah, and good luck…

Good luck to both of you, unless Vivi has to be unactive for a bit he’ll win (Whip and higher stats).

This will take a long time, but good luck to both of you.

Good luck to both of you on 100 combat, it’s a big achievment to get your combat in the triple digits :slight_smile:

TY guys, and yes I will be off on tuesdays and thursdays.
I also have a job so I will not be able to go on much on the other days either. So I have a disadvantage.

But I play a LOT when I go on, so feel free to add me if you want to encourage me :smiley:

So ur username has no numbers? good…

Add zezimas pass (just in case ur pm is off). and NO hes not a wanna be Zezima. :frown: Proof Zezimas_Pass isnt a wanna be zezima :stuck_out_tongue:
Im an f2per and all so dont expect good stats from me lol. Ill cheer u on and maybe I can keep track of Commando for you (hiscores) :smiley:

Nothing against you Commando, go good luck :smiley:

EDIT: so good luck!


I’m not one of the people who idol zezima, nor am I against idolizing him, but anyways…Back on topic:

TY for support and I will add you…Got no freinds from RSR 'cept jeffman, mpmagi, and commando :slight_smile:

hmm…i think vivi will will, hes got teh abbeh whip and 88 combat…but then again, duno

yo vivi ill be ur frend add me on all my accounts look at my sig

LOL which one? I cant add all of them =-\

And Commando, looks like I have the crowd :-p
Maybe if you were cool like me you would too… :wink:

:crowded: I don’t knwo whos gonna win but i’ll cheer on the both of you!!! W00t!! Go!!! Commando and viv the red you can both add me :slight_smile:

Edit: Those images are REALLY bad I will try to fix…

Here are my stats:

Here is my St00f that I wear while training:

Images are messed cuz of CPU…Paint is messed and stuff Blah Blah Blah…

I erased the stats that im not proud of (im not proud of any of my stats but those ones especially).


New lvls added:

Dude…you keep blocked and unblocking your range and mining, what’s with that?

Blah, dunno

Meh…Here are my current stats, way behind vivi’s

PS. Don’t mind some of the extremely low non-combat lvl’s, mage lvls, and range lvl,s

PSS. Please don’t mind the almost laughable total lvl.