Rebel Fighters

Have a grudge? Looking for a fight? Or do you just want to serve some justice? If yes to any, the Rebel Fighters are your answer. We pride on taking the members of clans that have been mistreated, used just to get an edge on a war, clan members that have been blammed or deleted wrongly. We also take the would-be members that have not been chosen to be in clans because their level was too low. We have lowered the standards to a whopping 25+ for warrior, 20+ for mages, and 20+ for archers. This way, we make sure that everyone is given a chance. I myself was once a member of the Guardians of Guthix, until today. We had been forced to change site, and name, into the Offical Global Runescape Clan. I protested, saying it wasnt right because we had just had a war coming up. Yet that backstabbing Brian1775 instead fired me, and all other GOG loyalists. Personally, I have a grudge. But this isnt about me, its about you, the clan members.

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