We’re back.


More info:

Hope everyone is staying safe in the time of COVID!

RSR had a corrupted instance that has plagued it for years, and I simply couldn’t find the time to really sit down and attempt the problem until now.

This new instance will bring RSR back online in a permeant fashion with true web 2.0 code - the forum is faster, searchable, and more streamlined than ever before. Regrettably, that meant going back to a ~2012 era database backup (I struck out trying to retrieve anything newer). For speed and utility I also didn’t upload any of the custom avatars/signatures I know everyone loved, but I did find a copy of those I’d be happy to manually forward if anyone has any deep desire to relive their youth!

Send me a pm if there’s anything I can do to talk - I’ve finally configured my message settings to forward correctly!