Rebuild the homepage

I am a member, and I do play on the free worlds sometimes to see my friends. But something that has ALWAYS slowed RuneScape down is the blasted animated pop-up thing at the top. And not only does that bother me but the site period is so cheap and harmful. I have gotten adware from that site. So I use miniclip to play RuneScape. And why can’t Jagex do this: Announce early that the site will be rebuilt and if u wanna play runescape play it on miniclip. And while they’re at building the website they can upgrade the security! That’s why so many people get hacked! Please think about this and leave a response ASAP. Jagex should have done this a long time ago… The main concept of this is to rebuild the site.


i totally agree with you, it does slow down the computer, but i’ve never got adware…

P.S.: this should be in Suggestions, not Wilderness…

Oops i put this under wilderness? Mods please move this under suggestions. Thanx!


ya there is not as much protetion on free

Yes but it does partly apply to wilderness as if ur pking u can lag cuz of that ad and die… so that would be a good suggestion for change.

lol just get pop up blocker or a faster internet connection

Use Firefox

It has an inbuilt ad blocker, or pop up blocker, (can’t remember) and it’s much better than IE

moved to suggestions.

Yes, I agree, get firefox.

Thanks, cyclops for moving this!

i agree. jagex needs to put up better security for the freebie version