recent pk

noob lvl 93 lol

Ammy of power, full green dragonhide, sapphs,etc…

its all right ! at least you can kill people!

when i try to pk they run away right before i kill them!

he ran all the way from greaters lol killed him at lvl 4

congratz on the pk! some pretty decent stuff u got…

almost got full rune yesterday

When I try to pk, i get pked…

~ ewok

Lol same with me

I’ve been bad at pk-ing ever since I raised my Attack up.

What the hell was he doing with 3 saphs in the wildy?

once i killed one who weared full rune and a lot of other stuff worth more than 700k so now ill try to pk all ppl i see and kill them! :twisted:

LOL… lvl 93 n00b ? :smiley:
Good kill… not the greatest stuff though. And yeah… why did he have the sapphires in the wildy???

beats me, he was a ranger u know…ask the guy i killed in my pic Big man somthing

Did u get all of that in lvl 4 wildy?

didnt u read my other post?
me and fantasy shadow went pking,
this lvl 93 archer attacked us, i started to own him (i was in monks robe, scim and power ammy)
he ran from greaters to lvl 4 wildy lol

well… nothin much to say but congrats on the pk

really kewl :wink: