I am making a noob mage PKer. I want him to have high mage and moderate defense.

Currently I’m aiming for

2/15 Mage
2/5 Defense
1/# Fishing
1/# Cooking
1/Anything Runecrafting

It will be around 11 Combat. Hitting 7s or so (if it hits at all)

Anything I should change?

you should aim for higher def and higher mage
then you should do good in the lower lvls of the wild

You should have
mage- 5/20
Defense- 1/5
Fishing-1/somewhere in the 20’s
Cooking-Same as ^
Change the D beacause the lower the d and the higher the magic when ur like level say 11 or 13 and are dealing 7/10 damage they will go innsane because they didnt thinku would deal damage(but since ur d is low BRING FOOD) and get the cooking and fishing up high so u can makefood!!!
Good luck

make sure the mage has high hit points or else it will get owned by rangers, also try getting mage to 25 so u can tele

Yeah I was thinking about bringing mage high then raising defense, because defense wouldnt affect combat as much.

But yeah, I want at least some defense…25 mage (Varrock tele) and 10 defense?

Do not work on defense at all, only work on getting your magic and hitpoints up, cooking, fishing, and rcing are okay, but you can get a lot higher mage level with a low combat level if you don’t work on defense. As long as you have good food, you’re set. Don’t set it to the bottom attack, “focus” It hink is what it is. If you still want def, go ahead, but that’s your choice.