Recruiting for a clan called...

…well, we’ll vote on the name. The requirements are as followed:

  1. You gotta be lvl 60+ for whatever you do in the clan.
  2. We need mages and rangers and fighters.
  3. We also need cooks, fishermen, craftsmen, and lumberjacks for profit.
  4. We vote on everything, from name to wildy cape color.
  5. The words “I hate frogs” are cuss words.
  6. A mage is considered lvl 70+ magic, 60+ combat.
  7. A ranger is considered lvl 70+ ranging, 60+ combat.
  8. A fighter is considered lvl 70+ combat.
  9. Free 20 swordies to every member of the clan per week.
  10. 500 gp entrance fee.
  11. A lumberjack is considered lvl 60+ woodcutting.
  12. A fisherman is considered lvl 60+ fishing.
  13. A chef is considered lvl 60+ cooking.
  14. We may have runecraftsmen.
  15. Im running out of ideas for these numbers.
  16. Contact me at Frogmaster13 in the game or reply here.
  17. I’m the president, that’s the only positon we won’t vote on.

PS I’d like to thank whoever banned f…well…i wont repeat his name.

PPS: IMPORTANT We are having a clan meeting to get to know each other on Friday, June 17th, at around 3:00 eastern time. Thank you.

i will join ur clan

my rs name is dandws2

please talk to me in game

i will probably mage in the clan

contact me

yeah i gues frogs are cool

wow sixdouple post thats a achievement but its against the rules incase u didnt know so i would quickly delete a few if i was u, (button bottom right) just wack all u said in one post nxt time

Yah bud… It is dangerous to do that here!

short man how do i copy ur sig. the guth part

U right click on it, go down to properties and click on that, then a separte screen will come up and if u look on it, it will have the address on it, copy the address into ur signature and add img instead of url at the front and end (it may already b img which is ok) Hope i helped :smiley: and to the other guy i would hurry up in that deleting be4 a mod comes in.

thx alot, and u really should delete those messages

hey frog i kno im not 60 in anything yet but i know im in clan because…it was OUR idea!

alright dandws2 sorry but ive been away cant respond all the time…i will talk to you in the game…Aynone else???

Can’t vote for president huh? sounds like a monarchy to me…

oy! i start the clan, I’m the president! We vote on everything else anyways, even the name! See all those other clans with preset names?! Call those monarchies!!!