Recruiting for The Silver Mystics (read requirements)

Here are the requirements, since i dont want this to be a big clan it might be hard to get in…

Requirements:(must have 3/4 of the below requirements)

Magic: 59+
Runecraft: 44+
Combat: 65+

Optional: (though better chances to get in)

Slayer: 55+
Hitpoints: 60+
Prayer: 44+

I 'm the leader there will be 3 co-leaders and the rest will just be members!
We mostly like mages and rangers but we can accept knights to join!
We go pking every once in a while and have the same team capes, not only that but soon we should plan drop parties and just killing monsters…

Mostly members but there may be some exceptions for f2p who wish to join and have the requirements!

We have a secret base to have meetings about drop parties, pking trips, and more! You can be banned from the clan as well!!!

:thumbsup: Good luck :thumbsup:

wrong section buddy.

I’ll get Xgod to move it.

Lmao, no one asked me to move it :wink:


Man! I didnt think about clans my bad :shock:

So i guess that means none of you are going to join? Just kidding! I’ll just get some of my friends in! Offer still stands or thse who want a clan!

i might join if i had requirements, but i dont meet, i’m making a pirate clan.