Recruiting People for Kalphite Queen Trip

I’m looking for some people who want to go kill the kalphite queen for awhile. I’m looking for maybe no more than twenty (20) people. The minimum level would be about 65 but I’d like it if all where level 70+. Since I’m hoping that we share the reward equally from killing the queen I’d expect people to come that aren’t gonna take all the rewards of one kill for themselves. So if you want to come please sign up, I’ll set a date for the trip after we have between 15-20 people signed up. Also if you want to buy sharks for the trip pm me in the game.

I think it would be fun. Sign me up I’m 87 combat.

when is this trip?

Don’t know yet, I’m waiting for enough people to sign up.

Im combat lvl 65… I’m in.

quick ??

how do you get those sigs that show your stats and the such???

ya i think it would be too can we make it april 2? i have a saturday detention to attend to on the sat b4 apr. 2 k?

Sign me up. I’m level 67.

Ok, dragon It could be April second but im not saying it is or isn’t until we have enough people signed up, and it might not even be on a Saturday.

ok sign me up rs name:tyler graf im 76 combat…

i am only 70 combat, but i have 78 mage…so if you think that would be useful ;-)…

u can count me in muh name is liljon0 add me and pm me wit da time and da date

ya sure i’ll come. rs name - tiefers

Sign me up
Username: punk_rockaa
Combat Level: 78

count me in just message me on r.s. when ur ready…im combat 71 almost 72… 8)

Count me in Combat lvl 70.

count me in ill come im lvl 71 combat and almost 72 p.m me name :fire6666666

Ill come username:scuzz0 combat lvl:74

I’ll go- andymc1989 - combat 76

go to then hit signatures u should be able to figure it out from there

wat do kalphite workers and guardians drop sorry for being off topic