ok listen up i have a mining lvls of 50 and a smith of 35 so trust me im an expert

i need some workers for my new business i pay 2k a month for at least 10 steel bars(a month) it is a good way to make a fixed income as long as you work hard 2k a week is not bad if you dont mind giving away at least 10steel bars.i pay u every month 2k at the varrok main bank i have no limit on my amout of employees.message pubilicly or privately to my forum account or runescape account(my username is softwarewiz)

i work for u. i could use some money

lvl 50 mining and 35 smithing is not good so your not an expert plus you should mine it yourself plus you should put this thread in the ores,bars,and runes forum not the general one

oh wow 10 steel bars a month for 2k lol thats funny