redwrathie and chaosnoob here now well talk

lets go red

What? Talk about what?

he made this topic to argue about how u were tryin to mod ppl around when ur not even a mod.

yea what he said(go redwrathie) jk go chaosnoob kill him

Don’t make topics for other people, if they want to make one, they can make it themselves.

Killbill, I wasn’t being a mod, he asked why he was banned and I told him, right Chaos?

andy i told u to not talk to me newb know iam mad red chaos is going to take my side he likes me newb

it was most likely becus u were telling me not to triple post Redwraith (somewhat like a mod)

Because you are one of my friends and I didn’t want you to be banned :frowning:

Ohhh…i guess we didnt see it like that sry.

Ok, well this topic was brought to my attention so i might as well respond. Killbill, next time you try to start a fight between 2 other members, I am going to ban you for a week. Next time anyone tries to get 2 members here to fight, I will ban them for a week.

Also, it is quite impossible to be able to follow that rule completely. Someone that knows the rules will unknowingly mention when someone is breaking one. It is just a habit of anyone that knows the rules.

so if were just reporting a rule broken we wont be banned right?

As long as you don’t say things like, “you broke a rule, you are/might get banned” you will be ok.

If you are pointing out that they broke it, that is fine. Also, if you continuousely point it out then I might have to do something. Like if someone says they are breaking a rule, then 5-10 minutes later someone else says the exact same thing, I might have to say something to that second person.