as many of you may think there is a god…well thats your opinion.
State your religion here and why you follow it

Protestantism. (Christian) because i believe that god has to exist. There are things that arent logical. Thats what god does i believe…

Bring on the flame war…

I’m Lutheran because it’s the most fun and fee religion that I’ve tried. I play guitar for the worship team every Sunday and have a lot of fun.

i joined creative ministries yesterady (creative worship AKA dancing)

You may think I am crazy, but you shouldn’t! I am Christian, and very proud of it! My Savior came to this earth, and stooped down to our level, as a human, and died for me, and for all of you! He died so that our sins could be forgiven, and so that we could go to heaven to be with him when we die, even though we do not deserve it, because we have all sinned against him! I love my God, and He loves me more than anyone on the earth! Go ahead, call me wierd if you want to! I don’t care, I will never leave my God! He is too good to me for me to leave him and forsake him as so many have!

same here… but he loves all his children as equals. BTW might wanna put that its only wat you think- dont like the flame wars

Yes, He does love everyone just as much as the next guy, even if one hates Him and does not follow Him!

He cant think. He has to know. :smiley:

I follow the religion of the Ancient Greeks. The way they lived made things make so much sense. Everything that happened had a logical reason behind it. It wasn’t just, god made it that way. It was something like Persephone has to spend 6 months with Hades because she ate 6 pieces of fruit when she was in hell. That is why we have seasons.


Do I have to explain? Read my post! He died for me! That is the greatest type of love one can show! To die for someone else!

this is true, but you said he loves YOU more then anyone, inclding me but he loves all his children.

Killer, i was talkin bout calenel not god

What I meant was he loves me more then anyone else loves me. Get it?

I 100% agree with calenel, Jesus died for me on the cross so i wouldnt have to, he came here as the savior, the messiah, he died for everyone on this earth. I am a Christian.

thanks n1ghtshade, I love Jesus so much! lol

got it, thanks

i think i may be the only catholic on RSR. i was born catholic,baptised catholic,raised catholic,and confirmed catholic.

confirmed? wats that mean in that context?

“confirmed” is a sort of ceremony that catholics go through… similar to baptism, but for teenagers. It is just another way of expressing their faith publically. I was also born into a catholic home, baptised, raised catholic… even went to a catholic school until 7th grade. I disagree with some of the teachings of the catholic church (something about praying to mary that I just don’t agree with… I pray to one God only), and have since become a born-again Christian. I am at a private Christian college, and am very happy to be in an environment where no one discriminates against another for their beliefs.
I’m not going to try to force Christianity on anyone here, and I’ll try not to discriminate or talk poorly of anyone else because of their beliefs. That’s for them to decide, though I will talk to anyone who wants to.
Very well put, Calenel. I agree with you 110%

I’m with you all the way Calenel! Praise the Lord that he died on the cross for us. He loved us so much that he died for us on the cross, he suffered crufixion for us. For those of you who think this is nothing, think again. His hands and feet were nailed to a cross. He was whipped, beaten, spit at and mocked. Through it all, he prayer for forgiveness for those who were questioning and beating him. Would you do that if you were in that position? I don’t think so! Not only does it REALLY hurt when you get whipped, beaten, get a thorn crown shoved on your head, and NAILED TO THE CROSS, but his arms had to support his weight and being crucified puts tremendous strain on your abdomen. The Lord died for us because he loves us so much!