remove the newspaper

myself and a few others think that the newspaper should be removed from rsr its been almost a month(if not more) and we are yet to see anything from them. People are being made members and the only thing they need to get in is to simply ask or be friends with zeus it dosent sound like a good way to nominate members to me.

I think we should keep the newspaper, but get more responsible people to do it. During my brief time on the staff, I saw how things work there. I also saw that zeus is an incompetant leader of the group that doesn’t deserve that position. The rest of them do work and people like azgolar, fruitybird, and thearrow all do things that shows they can do the job. I think we should get rid of zeus, get azgolar in charge, and make people need to pass a requirement to join the newspaper staff. If no one likes my ideas, then I saw forget the newspaper altogether.

U can’t get rid of it! I haven’t seen a newspaper yet!

i like that idea iced…its not that i dont want a newspaper its that i want one that actually does something

That is because the newspaper staff get their own forum that only the newspaper staff and admins can see. I can’t even see it and I am a global mod. They have been working on it for around a month and still nothing.

i agree with you iced but once they finally get a issue out things might flow better

IF they ever get an issue out. This is not right, their own private forums that a global mod can’t even see. And they get a special position with a rank that gives them a crown that is the same as a mods? That’s just crazy.

I agree with you 100% iced, get a staff in there that will produce a quality paper for us to read, not just any person who does it just so they get a star by their names.

If newspaper staff is a special position, which it really shouldn’t be, then they should be below mods. How can their crown look identical to a mods?

Their stars really need to me made a bronze color, staff a silver color, and mods the gold we now have.

Newspaper staff shouldn’t even be a special position. Their crowns should be according to their post count and their rank should be according to their post count as well. Putting their rank as newspaper staff gives them way too much credit.

I agree with infiltrator and iced, We need responsible people in there.

i think we should see if its any good before we get rid of it.cause they might be working realy hard to make it a good newsletter so i think we should give them 1 chance by seeing there first 1.

Taking a look at some of the people in there, it is hard to imagine being a spectacular paper…

Trust me, they aren’t doing too much with it. There is no organization amongst them at all.

They really need mods in there to keep order, and to keep the forum organized and also give some good ideas… Who agrees?

well we havnt seen it so we have no idea wat it migth be like.

i agree that some mods should be in there to get soem organization though

Don’t double post, and I know what it is like in there. One of the articles is going to be about castle wars. Another one was supposed to be an interview with a mod which was the only good idea there suggested by yours’ truly. That probably won’t happen though.

There have been a million things in the forums about castle wars already, theres not much left to know. I heard an interview with duke freedom?