Reply To 'Jeff Yes'

I was doing a quest and told you I was busy Zak. Then when Bryan got on IRC, he claimed I was scammer with a link to your thread.

I was about to get some money for you too…

You just screwed yourself, moron. Your fault. Glad to see how you all turn on me, when I’m not even here. Archas gave me permission to reply. Here’s your reply. Flame now, I know it’s going to happen. :sigh:

lol sad little 10 year old. Scammed for a few pixels

Doesnt matter what he says to u, i would be pised if someone stole my White p hat and i would have flamed u so i dont see why ur trying to take his 4M from his and making up some lame excuse. Pay him back and cut with the excuses.

I don’t have to listen to you. What, are you supposily supperior to me, because you’re higher level then me?

Gunz, w/e, forget you.

Cool, so if i ask someone to lemme boro 20M and when they ask for it back they pm me ingame, on forums and try and talk to me for hours and i dont answer. They get mad, they start saying rude things and suddenly for them getting mad at me i can keep the 20M?
Anyone would get mad and start flaming if they lent money and the other person doesnt pay back after asking in every pissible way, even i would.

Whatever man, I don’t need this. Goodbye now.

I was working on a quest where I could of died, he’s paranoid anyway…

…not my problem.

Nice, choose pixels over friends. Have fun in life.

Pixels over pixel friends? lol… k

if hes a sad pixel loving loser than let him be one

It’s amazing how I loaned him money and within a day he paid it back and I didn’t even have to ask him…I would get pissed if someone said that to me (what he screenied).

Lol im sure u wouldnt get mad if u lent someone 9M and u were asking for it back for hours in every possible way and the person u lent it to just ignored u. U wouldnt know since u havent experienced it.

I know what it feels like to lose stuff. I was scammed 40M cash so 9M would of been nothing compared to that. Did you see my start flaming others for it? No…

Then i guess ur different, because i would flame ther person who stole my p hat, im sure 99% of other people would aswell.

You bet I was mad but I don’t flame over pixels…

bryan, you dont have a phat anymore? o.O

Okay Bryan - Where’s Zak? Can’t he defend himself without Ballless Bryan trying to takeover?

Also, didn’t Goku Dinky loan you like 500k or so and when he’d ask you would just log. So, you’re not one to talk. Thanks Jeffman, for being a real friend, others claim they are and then when you’re not here, they flame you. Call you a loser, etc. Gunz, go screw a stop sign, you’re nothing either.

Me either, i lost 60M staking in the last 2 days, but i dont care… i would care on “HOW” i lost it more than “what” i lost.


It’s pixels.

And here…tell me this.

Can someone like Jeff (no offence) make 4M in a mere few days?

I don’t think so.

So get some patience k Zak?

Poor little Kid having a White Party Hat scammed from him. That’s 50-70Million!!!:eek:
I had 7568 Airs, 5324 Fires, 4967 Waters, 1983 Earths, 273 Laws, 1500 Natures, 23457 Minds, 12489 Bodys, and 1763 Chaos hacked from me. I spent like 810k on those!!!:eek:

Every one is saying that it’s just pixels but you know what? It may be just pixels but those pixels make people feel proud of what we accomplished. If you have 60M and you lose it, you dont cry over pixels but do you klnow what you actually do cry over? Your blood sweat and tears that you put into to get those pixels to feel good and proud of yourself.