Requesting Battle vs Nestor

Well, I’m bored so how about a battle nestor:


Sig Size: 340 - 140.
Type: Modern C4D.
Text: Any.
Due in: Saturday (Your time).

How about it?

Oh wow, Intresting battle. >D

Ya i would love to see this battle :smiley:

Am I too late, right?

NOOOO my sig is gonna be late if nestor battles you lol :rotfl:

Ehh, well, you were. Wanna have it anyway?

So late. ): I hope he says yes…

XD can’t wait to see end result

Also can I make it C4D Modern tournament instead?

do that do thT!!

My entry, I’m waiting on Nestor.

Currently making sig
Um whose going to make thread?
My Entry-



I’ll make it.

Um… Nestor is currently banned for 7 days. You might run in to a slight problem.

um…lemme ask why he is?..and

nestor is almost in a slump…i hate to cause a spark but he’s adding extra effects that are not needed in his renders…have you noticed that?

yeah nestor u r in a slump and wtf y is he banned flaming or somtin?

he was banned for flaming, spamming, and something else in the 1million post thread

lol…i was 2…where thread

Ok the reason I got banned is because…
I spammed, flamed, offend, and cuss.
Now that is how harcore I am!

Oh welll… I got the voting topic anyway.