// Requesting Multi-Battle // Dama & MageKill //

// Requesting Multi-Battle //

Me and Phoenix have been chatting around on MSN, and then I got the idea to mutli-battle someone. We’ve been talking about who to challenge, and we’ve gotten down to Dama and Magekill.

[li]Alias & Phoenix //VERSUS\ Dama & Magekill
[/li][li]Both makes a signature each. Collabs are accepted, but you have to enter 2 signatures in total anyways what you do.
[/li][li]Signature size is 350x100. Like it or not, you have to use it :).
[/li][li]You absolutely have to make the signatures yourself. No buying here! :wink:
[/li][li]Any renders, any style.
[/li][li]There is no editing of the signature once it is submitted.
[/li][li]You have no later than the 21th of April to enter. Earlier is preferred.
So basicly you make two signatures, and enter them. (Each make their own signature. I.e Dama makes his & MageKill makes his. They both enter their own.) You can make the signatures any way you want to, but no buying.

At the end I’m going to do something with both of the signatures, then we will have up a poll after that.

Accept please? =D

Heh, Alias and I were bored so we decided to do a two way battle. :slight_smile: And Dama & MageKill came up to our mind first. :slight_smile:

We will have our signatures ready soon.
It will be completely original.

Meh, looks like a fair lineup atleast - it should be close :slight_smile:

We’re dead. ^ ^
Oh well, I accept ;D I’ll have my entry in later.

Thanks Dama for accepting. :slight_smile: You will probably beat me. You know what Dama? After this battle we should enter our signature that were made for this battle and have a battle with them. :slight_smile:

For example:

You enter : ^^
I enter : c-(’.‘c)
Alias enters : <(’.’<)
MageKill enters : *

After someone wins, we will hold our individual battle with this:

Your entry : :slight_smile:
Mine : c-(’.'c)

Same entry. :smiley: Get it?

Heh, sounds good, Phoenix. I gotta go see the rest of King Kong, and I might be back later.
I’ll start it now, I got about 10 mins.
Btw, your boxing kirby would own my ^_^.


I accept. Do we need both by tomorrow? Or one? (please one…)

If just one (please), Dama, collab for the second sig?

We can collab for both :stuck_out_tongue:

Do you want to?

I call base for both :tongue:

Both, however style you wish though. :slight_smile: Even collaboration will be nice. But let me warn you, collabing with Dama is hard. His signatures hardly have any layers and he has Elements.

I can change it so it has many layers, I just like to merge. I’m a tiny kind of guy. Can we extend the date? I have to go.

Extend it to Saturday.

Dama, I’m PM’ing you. Check it in a few or when you get back.

I will be uber nice and I will make the due date 2 day from now. April 21st. :smiley:

That is Friday, correct?

The best fighting the best this is gonna be great I wonder who I’ll vote for.

I’m glad both of you accepted :). I’ll get on my part today, if I have the time.

this should be great!

PMed mine to Phoenix, set up the poll when you’re ready. :tongue:

Now waiting for MageKill’s entry & Alias entry. My entry is still being worked on.

Dama’s entry received.

Editing something small, and my entry will be PM’ed to you.