~ .:Requring a clan:. ~

Hey Hey! :twisted: 8O

Im looking for a clan (like most people these days)

I have a magic of 39, and can support my own runes

And im combat level 28

By the way im a mage, can hit 12’s

I have a rune pic withg 45 mining and 25 smithing

Please reply! (evil is better but im desperate 8O )

with 35 mage u can hit a 13 ion a monster but a 3 on a pc
im 60 mage and can hit 25 but npc i can hit 18

thanks for the info

Join Dawn Of Darkness. You do not meet the mage requirements, but il make an exception. If your interested join our forums http://dawnofdarknessc.proboards19.com/index.cgi abd post in the topic joining.