Retiring from RS.

Let’s put it short.

RS account got hacked.
Don’t know my password.
From lvl 64 I’m not starting all over.
I have Empire Earth 2, which I’m an expert at, so I’ll be playing more on that.

Just to say, I will still be on RSR, just I won’t be playing so any buisness deals will be over.

(Oh yeah, I am also quitting the Gods of glory clan.)


dam, those stupid hackers. well miss ya round here, even tho ull still be on sometimes.
sickmate 8)

Damn , thats unlucky mate , cya ,good luck in ur new game…

yeah arc you left rs an thats bad but if you leave rsr id cry my eyes out and beg u to stay

~not arc

Lolz GRP! Don’t worry! I’m still on rsr!!

good coz your wanna of my favorite people

well sucks to hear another RSR member gets hacked…well glad to hear ur still on RSR.

Well it’s faeces when you get hacked but I’m glad to hear you’ll still be here.

Geez thanks!

Sorry you got hacked :frown:
I’m glad you’re staying on rsr though.

~:darkside:~ Michaelks

ya maybe u should try and get another hacker to hack your account…maybe… it may work…


If you come back to Runescape you will always be welcome in the Gods of Glory.

Bloodyshado I can’t come to runescape because I DONT HAVE A ACCOUNT! I’m not starting all over again either :P.

EDIT: I might get my account back…

god chaser i want to be apart of this clan i be on later if i can join lvl 84 tell me o and im sorry for this inconvience arch i hope all goes well

the gods of glory how do i join?

OMG I hope you really get your account back! Lol that’s be like great!

Sorry to see you leave.

Arc and anthony, your sigs are still too large. This is a warning.

Arc, im very sorry that you got hacked but have you heard of recovery questions? Do you have them set? Do you know them? And if your starting a new account ill be glad to help out…

:frowning: You are leaving… Sad to see you go :frowning: