Revision - Vampire Story

Hey everyone, I (As you probably have, also) have noticed a large interest of Vampires over the year. This is mainly because of Twilight, which I am not really a fan of but admire the creativity. I decided to just go with the trend. Besides, I’ve had this in mind for a while.

Table of Contents

This is only for IF it were be in book form.

Chapter I: The first shalt be the last
Page 7.


“I will not lose the battle for my life!”

Chapter I: The first shalt be the last

“What do you want from me?” Shouted Dan. “I don’t even understand half of the stuff you’re saying…”

“Shut up child. Either you give me your abilities and live; or you die as I take them myself.” Threatened the pale white man. He seemed to have red eyes, but it was dark and Dan couldn’t make it out. He also thought he had seen claws once as lightning flashed, but he couldn’t be sure of any of this. He was scared.

“W-What abilities? I’m only 15!” Dan screamed. He was starting to feel rage taking him over. The tip of his fingers began to hurt, his vision was rapidly strengthening, and he started to feel a bit cold. Suddenly he wasn’t himself anymore.

“Rah!” He bellowed, ripping the chains around his wrist clear off of the chair he had been anchored too. His skin was now a very pale white. The iris of his eyes were blood red, and his pupils were single black lines, trailing through the center of his eye. His hair had strangely darkened from a light brown, to a dark black.

Dan jerked his head sideways, facing the man who had captured him. He was merely 10 feet away from the strange man, yet within one second the two vampires stood face to face. Dan assumed this was one of the abilities the man had mentioned.

Dan was not control of his body, though. It seemed as if he was trapped within his own body, unable to do anything aside from watch.

The next thing he knew he was slashing the man with the claws of which must have sprouted during his rage. It was a terrible sight. Blood had been scattered all over the dark, broken down room as Dan continued to slaughter the man, minutes after he was dead.

Dan sped out of the murder scene, and head directly for the car that had taken him here. He broke out the front window, and took out a needle. He began sprinting through the murky forest nearby, and merely 5 minutes later he was standing outside Ledrok Hospital.

Dan raised the hand gripping the needle. He suddenly head an unfamiliar voice in his head, “And the first shalt be the last.” His hand swooped down unto his arm, and the needle plunged into his veins. Immediately he plopped onto the hard concrete, and doctors rushed outside.