ring of wealth?!?!?!

Does a ring of wealth even work well? i bought one but what monsters give good drops? im a lvl 66 with 64 mage, i wanna test it but what monsters should i try that give good drops? or u can save me a whole lot of time bvy saying if it even works.

It gives you a higher chance of getting rare items. I don’t know how much higher percent though.

its not a very high percent but yes it helps a little if i were u i would go to lessers prolly and try to get some rune meds if u really wanna challange do water fall quest and kill fire giants

well if ur ranging, dont do the whole fire giant thing, i stayed there for a bout 3 hours everyday for a weak with my wealth and got one scimi, but i started rangeing Tzhaar-Kets, and in 2 short days i have gotten one obby shield, and 2 obby mauls, thats worth like 750-800k right there…

im pretty sure it works best with melee

ya i have one too but i don’t get better drops either. and the Tzhaar-Kets are to powerful for me like i can kill one but i hate it when they all come after me.

i dont melee the kets, i range them either in magic shop or weapon shop, i tried to melee, but i only have 75 cb…

well if it doesnt work you should sell it for a higher price than you bought. i would just wait though

ya i would too.

If you’ve done Lost City, try Otherworldly Beings, I’ve been told that they drop dragon spears, but never actually got one in about 3k of them.


dur thats why u dont do those… lol drag spear is only worth like 300k. ive killed under 200 tzhaar kets and gotten 2 mauls and a shield. i said that earlier, but they are the best if ur looking for drops with ur wealth.

It works heaps better with melee

Throw away ur wealth and go kill Red Dragons. 5k per hide.

uhum -.-’’

noob power!

uhuh sorry just got obby shield with wealth please 500k phr33 for m33

i need an obby shield.

ring of wealth increase amount of coins droppped aswhile

lol i would think it works…why else would jagex put it there

i need to buy a ring of wealth anyone sellen for 50k
pla someone tell me how to post a new thred.

they’re 60k tyler…