Rise Up And Fight!! Up with the RSR revolution!!!

Last January we had no scammers and everyone was great. Then calenal left and millions of scammers joined and ruined us. Well now it is time to fight back! Us true good members will not stand to see RSR ruined. So I say…

Err…Fight back how? All we need is for everyone to regain their sanity.

~ ewok

And I think you mean “spammers”, not “scammers”.

Dude thats only gonna happen if everyone bes nice to everyone and stops spammin

like that will ever happen

It happened once. Just have a mass banning!

millions? I was only here during the calenel/noobs_ranger spamming and the chase hack and some minor spammers. Is there really need for a revolution never mind fighting?

RSR is already fighting back guys Duke is adding more moderators and everything to help out. Then there are some fights going around RSR but we can handle it if we all stand together and not fight at all. Just when you start a fight just do not fight anymore just leave the topic I think if more people would do that there would not be as many fights.

Like as Godchaser siad,it will remain calm after the mods are chosen. About the war thing,thats kind of bad.There will be a massive flame and many inocent members will quit.

The warning system is back up again, so don’t worry. If anyone acts up excessively they will be warned, and banned if needed. IP bans are used in the more serious cases. Don’t get your panties in a bunch, we have it under control.