Road to 60 Wood Cut...

Starting out at 35…

Level 36: Getting Started

Level 37: Welcome to the willow tree’s south of varrock…

Level 38: Came in a Flash. then it was gone…

Level 39: First M.O.M. then this lol back to back!

Level 40: Had to fake it i missed the level… :frowning:

level 41: Got This one… :slight_smile:

Level 42: Well where’s the magic tree’s at… :lol:

Level 43: My Bro spotted it first… :lol:

Level 44: Next Level I Take A Break!

Level 45: I’m Taking A Break Will be back after i do somethings…

Level 46: No comment!

luck lol :lol:

Wow i thought i wouldn’t get any support thank’s… im trying hard… lol J/k

Off Topic

YAY i saw my self… Im posting this is the collage…
Back on topic…

Any logs i cut i will sell for people to fletch and stuff…

…That’s a bit sad… A lvl 70 with only 35 woodcutting… I have a lvl 3 with 53 woodcutting…

how is that possible

Good luck!
Ill sell you maples for 150 each, just name the amount and pm me in-game.

good luck im lvl 34 and i have better woodcuttinglol. best of all luck ~

                            :twisted: ~Rangerfrog~ :twisted:

lol good luck, how long do you suppose it will take?

i had a level 4 with level 45 woodcut hes now level 25 with leve, 53 woodcut and good luck
hint:get a rune axe!!

lvl 78 with 80 wc. good luck.

I got level 55 i think woodcutting i was workin on it for a long time from 45 to 55 so i could make full mage because ima train magic later. Oh yeah good luck. 8)

From level 35, it’s going to take you a long time to get to level 60! Better get started on those willows! Don’t give up even if you think it’s going to take forever to get to level 60 woodcutting.

Good luck you’ll get there and don’t stop! You’ll get it sooner or later, and let’s hope for sooner.

I have just finished that road. It is long and perilous but if u succeed, yew will own.

Yeah, once you can cut yew logs, you’ll enjoy it. You can sell yew logs for 250 gp each!

thanks for everyones support i will cut the best i can when i can… btw anyone know where i can find maple tree’s for free players… Theres at least 1 out there im sure of it…

Keep going :lol: :lol: you will make it.
Trust me.

yew logs sell for 300gp

good luck

y ur wc so low and ur leval 70 i am leval 91 and 72 wc

because i didn’t care about woodcut… and im taking breaks during my wood cuting levels most times… so it may be a little while but im gonna get there! :wink: