robbed noobie needs help from experienced peps

Hi ever body ehois wealth and generous.

I have just died carring all my stuff from the bank that i own to go and sell for money and died i now have nothin, and am resorting to batin up goblins with my fists coz i lost everthing. :frowning:

Can any body out there plz give me some free stuff e.g. i can wear black armour and weild mith weapons. If any body could do this it would be a great help in getting me started again in RS.

Thanks to who ever donates to my charity. and i will do shuttle runs with stuff for them or anything like that. :lol:

cheers spaceboy_lfe

i will for armor but if is not possible for free :smiley:

Also its m bday on the 16th Jan so birthday presants would be nice from any 1.

what type of armour canu give me. and how much for a littl.

Thanks spaceboy_lfe

ur dumb alot of people die everyday and loss there stuff so get a life and do it ur self u stupid noob

Thatโ€™s true, Yours also not aloud to beg\ask, But I would be glad to give you some money? How much do you need like 100k?


begging is against the rules and this should be locked