Robot Chicken Season 1 signed copy!

For you [adultswim] fans, you probably know how awesome Seth Greens’ project show is. And you probably know of the contest that on a few weeks ago to win a season 1 signed by Seth Green and Matt senriech. Well…out of the 20 winners, guess who one them was. Yup. Me. I can’t believe I won either. Want proof? Too bad… I have the picture on my digital camera but the USB cord is at my dads office. So wait a couple days if you don’t believe me.

Anyway, I am super happy for winning this. Especially considering Seth Green is my favorite actor/comedian.

Lucky! Lol, I wish I had that…
Robot Chicken is awesome. Congrats on winning.
sickmate 8)

yeh congrats dude

Wow! Great job. xD

it was great…come home from being out of state for 2 weeks and my mom just hands it to me. she says “it came in the mail for you…” like it was nothing.

Wow. ): I wish I had your luck…

you can…for $19.99 plus s&h