Rofl, i thought i wouldnt get it but i finally did :)

it only took them 2 days to get to me but i finally got my email :stuck_out_tongue: maybe they are going alphabetical so that means zezima gets his last, but still its so funny

notice that the link that says login is really a link to runescap"i" lol whats with dat?

oh yes, let me remind you that jagex wouldnt make spelling errors if they were sending these letters to their players, or that would give the players the idea that jagex is a bunch of lazy bums, there are grammar problems and spelling errors lol its so fake that i could sit here and laugh for days (except for the fact that i have a life…) i wish they would complain about these on actual runescape forums

No fair! i want one!

lol, just log in and check your email :slight_smile:

None for me yet… =(

I haven’t gotten one yet lol

I’m gonna reply to one of I get one.

well, no one can e mail me from rsr :slight_smile: and pming on rsr would jsut be stupud